Reality is a Dick

Pointless Rant: Evacuations

Warning: I have disabled my phone's autocorrect feature so that I may use profanity when expressing my displeasure at the inadequacy of my phone's autocorrect feature. So if you see a misspelling or a typo, ignore it and move on... Continue Reading →

Should I Shoot It? A Quiz

Everyone is shooting everyone and everything. Herein, we examine what sorts of things you should shoot, and what you shouldn't.

The Urinator’s Dilemma 

There are three things that are fundamental to human nature that are relevant to the Urinator's Dilemma, and so I will discuss them briefly here: 1. We have an attraction to the number three. (The Father, the Son, and the... Continue Reading →

Life Improvement: Audiobooks

Although it has probably been proven with science that listening to audiobooks is cheating, it is absolutely impossible to read while driving. If you have a long commute, your hands and eyes are occupied with the task of driving. Your... Continue Reading →

Reality is a Dick

Hey look, guys. I started a blog. Yay....

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