Reality is a Dick

Pointless Rant: Evacuations

Warning: I have disabled my phone's autocorrect feature so that I may use profanity when expressing my displeasure at the inadequacy of my phone's autocorrect feature. So if you see a misspelling or a typo, ignore it and move on... Continue Reading →

Should I Shoot It? A Quiz

Everyone is shooting everyone and everything. Herein, we examine what sorts of things you should shoot, and what you shouldn't.

The Urinator’s Dilemma¬†

There are three things that are fundamental to human nature that are relevant to the Urinator's Dilemma, and so I will discuss them briefly here: 1. We have an attraction to the number three. (The Father, the Son, and the... Continue Reading →

Life Improvement: Audiobooks

Although it has probably been proven with science that listening to audiobooks is cheating, it is absolutely impossible to read while driving. If you have a long commute, your hands and eyes are occupied with the task of driving. Your... Continue Reading →

Reality is a Dick

Hey look, guys. I started a blog. Yay....

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