Reality is a Dick



Russian Propaganda

RT, a Russian-funded "news" service,  once hosted a show centered around Wikileaks front-man Julian Assange. That is something to take note of, because with the recent "Vault 7" leaks, many people are leveling some serious allegations at the intelligence community. I thought... Continue Reading →

Math and Potato Chips

I never understood the appeal of potato chips. I don't find them particularly offensive, but the plain varieties are bland and boring. I do enjoy some of the more boldy flavored ones, such as sour cream and onion or salt... Continue Reading →

Why I am Nervous

Although there have been some promises that the Oroville Dam situation has improved, it looks like we are about to get hit by another set of storms. I have signed up for FEMA alerts on my phone (I recommend that... Continue Reading →


Some information about my dog.

The Urinator’s Dilemma¬†

There are three things that are fundamental to human nature that are relevant to the Urinator's Dilemma, and so I will discuss them briefly here: 1. We have an attraction to the number three. (The Father, the Son, and the... Continue Reading →

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