RT, a Russian-funded “news” service,  once hosted a show centered around Wikileaks front-man Julian Assange.

That is something to take note of, because with the recent “Vault 7” leaks, many people are leveling some serious allegations at the intelligence community. I thought that it was important to lead with irrefutable proof (click the link if you don’t believe it) that Assange has been on the Russian payroll, straight from the horse’s mouth. 

The fact that a class of deplorable American pseudopatriots are willing to take the word of a Russian propaganda arm at face value while questioning the motives of American intelligence seems to suggest that in this case, Russian intelligence has out maneuvered our own. 

Back when I was a kid, Russia was the enemy, and the CIA was the shady organization that did shady shit. We all knew about it, and while we may not have approved of the methods, we were all in general agreement that the agency was working to further American interests. Any suggestion that they are not requires logic that ventures into tinfoil-hat territory, a place I try not to go. 

I am not saying that everything posted on Wikileaks is a complete fabrication; I wouldn’t know, because I try to avoid reading Russian propaganda websites. 

You should not construe this writing to mean that I believe that Trump is working with the Russians. I honestly haven’t seen any convincing evidence of that. What I have seen evidence of is that he is an idiotic man-baby who has isolated himself from reality and surrounded himself by sycophantic man-babies. 

I think that the Kremlin is trying to push Trump’a buttons to degrade his confidence in his own intelligence service. And that Republicans are willing to watch and say nothing in the hopes that they can get Obamacare repealed. If it works, they can take credit. If it doesn’t, they can blame Trump for not having a true conservative agenda.

Then they might notice how presidential Mike Pence has been looking throughout all of this. 

Just my two cents.