Although there have been some promises that the Oroville Dam situation has improved, it looks like we are about to get hit by another set of storms. I have signed up for FEMA alerts on my phone (I recommend that everyone do this) and over the past few days we have been bouncing back and forth between flood watches and flood warnings. 

Above is a screenshot from the National Weather Service app. Although things are pretty quiet right now, the Feather River is still taking in run-off from higher elevations, and outlets from the Oroville dam have been kept high in order to increase capacity for upcoming storms. 

Today, I went up onto the levee in order to get some pictures. On this map, courtesy of Open Street Map, I have placed a blue icon at the appoximate location from where my photographs were taken. I was facing east. 

Here is a short video. From the ground, it is hard to do justice to the sheer amount of water that is between the levees. However, I was able to find a drone video of the same general area on YouTube.

For some reason, I can’t get WordPress to let me embed it. The video above is from a drone flown from the Yuba City side, and predates my video by about a week. However, the water levels are still similar. In the linked video, the bridge closest to the drone, the one near the train tracks, is the one I take to go to school. I am in no way affiliated with the individual(s) who took this video, but it clearly shows how the river has entirely filled the space between the levees on the Yuba City and Marysville side. 

The levees can still hold several thousand metric shit-tons of water, assuming no significant buckling or erosion. But with the situation at the dam uncertain as massive rain is anticipated, I’m not going to unpack my car just yet. We are still ready to GTFO at a moment’s notice. 

On a positive note, I saw a very cute egret.