Although it has probably been proven with science that listening to audiobooks is cheating, it is absolutely impossible to read while driving.

If you have a long commute, your hands and eyes are occupied with the task of driving. Your senses of taste and smell are probably occupied by food or a drink or a cigarette.  But your ear are just hanging out with nothing to do.

You have three options:

1. You can listen to news radio, where you can hear all of the news stories that you already read before you left the house.

2. You can listen to music, which really doesn’t do much for you unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

3. You can listen to Audiobooks.

Obviously, listening to Audiobooks is the way to go, but they are expensive. This is true if you want to listen to modern drivel about ninja-wizards who solve murders in a fight-to-the-death competition on Mars.  But luckily for us, almost everything worth reading was written very long ago, and is now in the public domain.

Librivox is a free service that aims to produce free audio recordings of works of literature that are in the public domain. The quality of the recordings vary, but for the most part, they are fine.

So do like I did and knock out Homer and Nietzsche while you’re driving to work. Don’t feel like reading thr Federalist Papers? Don’t. Listen to them.

It’ll be good for you.


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