Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc, than is actually possessed.

postThis is a stock photograph that came with this blog theme. It is unarguably pretentious.

I used to believe that everyone who had a blog was pretentious. I still do, to some extent. But really, I think that it is less so that people are or are not pretentious, moreover that everyone is capable of pretentiousness. Having a blog is an expression of pretentiousness.  

Only two people in my life have thought to call me pretentious to my face. One of them is is by far the most pretentious person I have ever met (and, I dare say, ever will meet), and the other is just a dick. Both of them were correct when they said it, I suppose.

Not very long ago, I had a Facebook account. I still have it. I have just opted not to use it anymore. As it turns out, people do not post their political opinions on there in order to have a healthy debate about them, they put them on there for self-validation.  If  one attempts to engage them in a healthy debate, they will make threats against one, accuse one’s dog of being a homosexual, or just insult one’s intelligence. I hope that by confining my pretentiousness to a blog, the only people who will be offended by it are those who have decided to click on it and read it.


For doing so, you will be periodically rewarded with pictures of my dog. Those of you who know his name know that it isn’t Noodles, but those of you who don’t should refer to him as Noodles. Or Snakes. Noodles and Snakes were back-up names.


So yeah. That pretty much is all I feel like writing right now. Enjoy your life.