Reality is a Dick


February 2017


Today, Native Americans were arrested for trespassing on their own treaty land.  This is a complex issue with many facets, but the above sentence is irrefutable in any context that invokes non-alternative facts as logical starting points.  I have a... Continue Reading →

Math and Potato Chips

I never understood the appeal of potato chips. I don't find them particularly offensive, but the plain varieties are bland and boring. I do enjoy some of the more boldy flavored ones, such as sour cream and onion or salt... Continue Reading →

Spillway Seems Secure: I Probably Won’t be Evacuated Again

The cataclysmic 10 inches of rain have failed to materialize. As of the time of this writing, inflows into Lake Orovilles are still manageable. Above is a photo showing the damage to the primary spillway, taken three days ago when... Continue Reading →

7 Year Anniversary 

As of earlier today, my wife and I have been married for seven years.  The situation with the weather has prevented us from leaving the house unattended, so instead of a lovely trip to the coast or the mountains, I... Continue Reading →

Why I am Nervous

Although there have been some promises that the Oroville Dam situation has improved, it looks like we are about to get hit by another set of storms. I have signed up for FEMA alerts on my phone (I recommend that... Continue Reading →


Some information about my dog.

Boring Exercise of Free Speech: Volume 2

A recap of a day in which nothing important happened.

Free Exercise of Boring Speech: Volume 1. 

A post for people who are interested in what has been happening with me in the past few days, with all of boring evacuation details.

Pointless Rant: Evacuations

Warning: I have disabled my phone's autocorrect feature so that I may use profanity when expressing my displeasure at the inadequacy of my phone's autocorrect feature. So if you see a misspelling or a typo, ignore it and move on... Continue Reading →

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